Terms of Moving Agreement
  1. Allowing Carte Blanche Moving to move your furniture is acceptance of entire agreement as outlined on our website under About/Terms Section. 
  2. By payment of deposit customer has read and understands the terms of Carte Blanche Moving agreement as outlined on our website under About/Terms Section. 
  3. Payment is due upon completion of move and if no payment method is selected Carte Blanche Moving is authorized to charge against credit card used for deposit. 
  4. Unless defined as fixed price the estimate provided is estimate only and was based on best guess of time required to complete. There are many factors that can change time estimate including how prepared boxes were upon mover arrival, degree of difficulty in disassembly and reassembly of beds, refrigerators, desks, etc., stairways, loading distance. 
  5. Packing and unpacking are not included in move unless specifically listed. 
  6. Any damage incurred during the move process can be claimed at .60 per lb. of the damaged item moved. Structures such as floors, walls, doors, etc. are not included in this. 
  7. If you desire full coverage you have the ability to do so prior to the move as indicated on the original estimate with MovingInsurance.com, your homeowners insurance or other as desired by you. 
  8. Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for damage to items packed by customer. 
  9. Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for items moved by another company to or from storage or packed by anyone other than Carte Blanche Moving. Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for damage incurred after loading on Portable Storage Units. 
  10. If customer requests or demands Carte Blanche Moving to not pad protect furniture during the move then the customer bears full responsibility for damage that could result. 
  11. Carte Blanche Moving can move Sleep Number type bedding but usually requires the manufacturer to set up and adjust at final destination. 
  12. Carte Blanche moving is not responsible for damage to ceramic stoves, Green Eggs, etc. that can occur during moving due to the nature of ceramic after being heated and having heat cracks. 
  13. Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for marble or stone tables that crack just by picking them up due to the fact they all have veining inherent by nature and over time can become weak and crack with very little pressure. 
  14. Carte Blanche Moving has the right to cancel or suspend move at any time the weather creates an unsafe environment for movers or customer requests our movers to do anything that can be considered unsafe or against regulations. 
  15. Carte Blanche Moving is not allowed by state law to transport gasoline, bottled gases, ammunition, chemicals, explosives or firearms. 
  16. Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for damage that can occur to pressboard type desk/furniture, due to its poor structural integrity and not being manufactured to withstand moving. 
  17. Carte Blanche Moving will not be responsible for loss of high value items such as laptops, handheld devices, IPad type, game consoles, watches, jewelry, cameras, currency, weapons, etc., as those items are required to be secured by customer prior to move and not left out during move. If any high value item is to be moved by Carte Blanche Moving it has to be listed on initial estimate and documented arrangements made prior to move. 
  18. Carte Blanche Moving accepts cash, checks and credit cards. There is an appropriate surcharge on all credit card payments. 
  19. Payments can not be withheld by reversal of credit card or cancellation of check for damages. Separate damage claims have to be submitted. We reserve the right to hold any furniture on our trucks prior to payment for services rendered. 
  20. Unless otherwise stipulated time starts the moment our truck/movers arrive at the starting location and ends once the move is completed at destination. Time is calculated in 15 minute increments. Refrigerators and freezers must by empty prior to our moving them. 
  21. Clothes can remain in dresser drawers, but anything else loose, valuable or heavy has to be taken out prior to move. 
  22. If move is cancelled by customer less than 24 hours prior to move the deposit will be forfeited. If movers show up for move and customer refuses services then customer will be responsible for payment of move minimum as included on agreement, but no less than 2 hours at mover rate. 
  23. Carte Blanche Moving provides complimentary reconnect of electrical appliances including attaching water lines when requested by customer. This is not a part of the normal pricing and these are done at no charge to the customer for their convenience. The water lines are inspected for leaks at time of installation and Carte Blanche Moving does not warrant any subsequent leak or damages caused by water line or electrical failures. Customer should always inspect water lines hourly after initial installation or disconnect for the first day. 
  24. We do move flat screen TV but we require you provide original TV box or will need to buy TV box from us to protect during move. If movers determine at time of move that it is unsafe for them to remove or load TV’s safely they have right to decline to move TV.  
  25. There may be times where some furniture may not fit through doorway and we will contact you to let you know prior to moving it. 
  26. Carte Blanche Moving provides estimates for moves and those can vary by unforeseen circumstances like not being prepared upon our arrival, not providing information relating to entire scope of move, time it takes to disassemble and reassemble furniture/appliances, unusual walk distances or access. 
  27. Any disputes, legal or court proceedings will come under the laws of the State of Texas.