Moving and Planning Guide

  1. Decide on the the items you want to move. 
  2. Use our “Free Quote” and answer questions for us to provide you a Free Estimate.  We also come and do in-person reviews of house to use as basis for estimates. 
  3. Try to make time to sell, donate or trash all items that you will not be taking with you.
  4. Make a list of things that need to be accomplished prior to the move: cleaning carpet, cleaning house, change of address with post office, letting friends know your new address, turning off utilities, turning on utilities at new location, getting best rates on utilities at new location, stopping newspapers, buying boxes and supplies to pack, allowing plenty of time to pack boxes for move day, etc.  
  5. Do you need storage for your items?  We can help you choose a storage option if you need.
  6. Begin using up all perishable foods in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.
  7. Plan how you will transport expensive valuables such as jewelry, firearms, ammunition or other extremely valuable items.  (we would rather you protect your high value items and we can not transport firearms or ammo)
  8. ​Try to determine the time you have available to pack prior to the move.  It usually takes much more time than you think it does.  Just by packing a few items per day of things you won’t need will pay off big when it gets closer to move time.  If you need help we can do all or part of it for you.
  9. Make sure to keep handy all important documents such as insurance policies, medical records, legal, social security, vehicle registration and other things you might need to find quickly after packing.  
  1. Change of Address at the Post Office.
  2. Contact utility companies to disconnect at current location. (gas, electric, cable, internet, city services,  phone)
  3. Contact utility companies at new location to connect.  We can provide assistance in finding best rates as well.
  4. Make arrangements with church, Salvation Army or other charity to pick up items you want to donate.
  5. If there are items you want to sell have garage sale, Facebook Market Place, EBay, or Craigslist.
  6. Buy moving supplies; boxes, packing paper, tape, etc.  You can buy through us and we will deliver to your location.  We have a moving box calculator on the Moving Supplies tab.
  7. If you are going to pack start packing things you don’t need until after moving.  Make sure to label the top and side of box with maintain contents and room where you want the box to go with dark marker.  You will need to have basic outline of new location to help with marking boxes.​
  1. Have all boxes packed and appropriately labeled (on 2 sides), unless we are performing that service for you.  
  2. Have all pictures-artwork down, unless we are performing that service for you.
  3. Have all flat screen TV’s down, unless we are performing that service for you.
  4. Have all small-loose items in a box.  Us having to pack boxes on move day increases time for move and ultimately move cost.
  5. Have all appliances unhooked and ready to go.  If not we can perform that for you.
  6. ​Make sure there are no vehicles in front of house or driveways where we would need to park or walk.
  1. We will contact you before the move to confirm everything is ready to go.
  2. We will arrive promptly at established time.  If there is any reason that something unforeseen such as traffic or mechanical issue we will notify you immediately.
  3. Upon arrival we will meet with you to review plan for the day and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Our movers will begin the process of applying padding-protection to walls, floors, doors, and stairs to ensure that that nothing is damaged during move process.
  5. All furniture and appliances will be wrapped with high quality padding and secured with stretch wrap.  All boxes will be marked with room of new location.​
  6. All items will be moved quickly but more importantly carefully to the moving trucks and adequately secured to ensure no movement occurs during transit.
  7. The location will be cleaned from any debris caused by us and left in same condition as we received it.
  8. ​Our movers may take lunch.  Many times they will stop on the way to new location to do that.
  9. At new location we will perform the same pre-move protection as noted above.
  10. All items will be moved and assembled, where necessary in appropriate location.
  11. House will be cleaned of all moving materials generated by us.
  12. Lead mover will collect full and final payment as per agreement.